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Terms and conditions

By using and actively participating in, in any of the ways that the website allows, the User declares to have read and accept to comply with these Terms and Conditions. reserves the right - but not the obligation - to, in the event of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, eliminate any and all content that infringes them, as well as restrict and/or block the infringing User's access to participation in the website, without any prior notice.

In the use made of this website (including in the submission, sending or publication of content made to, the User is obliged and declares to accept and comply with the applicable legislation, and specifically the Code of Copyright and Related Rights. , the Industrial Property Code and the Computer Crime Law.

The User is also obliged and declares to act in good faith and to make use of that does not offend any rights of third parties. In particular, it undertakes not to submit any content or make a participation that constitutes any attack based on race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, political conviction or gender; that constitutes defamation, incitement to theft, fraud, violence, terrorism, sadism, prostitution, pedophilia, as well as that uses content of an obscene, indecorous or pornographic nature.
The User is only authorized to use the contents of for strictly personal purposes, being expressly prohibited from publishing, reproducing, disseminating, distributing or, in any other way, making the contents accessible to third parties, for communication purposes. public or commercial, such as making them available on another website, online service or in hard copy. Any transformation of the contents is also prohibited.

It is also expressly forbidden for the User to create or introduce types of viruses or programs that damage, modify, directly or indirectly, to, and its content, is for informational purposes only, so nothing on this website constitutes advice, not dispensing with qualified professional advice, nor does it establish any contractual relationship with the User. is not responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, suffered by any user in relation to the information contained on this site.

The User is solely responsible for the damages, direct or indirect, caused to himself, to or to third parties, related to the use he makes of, committing himself to proceed with the necessary compensation, due to any Action, claim or condemnation that this use gives rise to. does not guarantee that the services provided by this website will work continuously or that they are free of errors, viruses or other harmful elements. is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, safety, legality or lawfulness, including compliance with the rules regarding copyright and related rights, regarding the content, products or services contained in this website that have been created or provided by members. , users, advertisers or business partners, as well as any information contained on third-party websites to which this website establishes links.

The User declares to authorize, free of charge, the dissemination, publication, use and exploitation of the contents, texts, data, images or programs sent by him to

The User also declares that: he has full legitimacy to authorize the aforementioned use and, specifically, that he has obtained and has the necessary copyright rights and authorizations and has secured any payments due to legitimate third parties who own the rights to the contents, texts, data, images or programs sent by you to, for the purposes of their use under the terms set out in this declaration; regarding the right to authorize the use of the contents, texts, data, images or programs sent by you to contained in this declaration, there is no claim or process instituted or any dispute regarding its ownership by third parties; there is no commitment or any condition arising from any legal relationships that may exist between the User and third parties that in any way prevent or condition the total or partial execution of this declaration in the terms defined therein. disclaims any liability resulting from the lack of veracity of the above or from the violation by the User of any rights or interests legitimately protected by third parties. reserves the right to freely (without obligation to invoke any reason) and at any time, remove or not publish, in whole or in part, any content, texts, data, images, applications or programs, edited by you or by the User, without this giving rise to any right to indemnity or compensation for the User or any third parties. does not have any obligation to store the contents, texts, data, images or programs published on this website, and they may be destroyed at any time, without any right to compensation for the User or any third parties.

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